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You know by now to exercise more and eat right, but what exactly does all that mean? M.G Healthy Solutions gives you tips and tricks to putting those well-meaning intentions into real life actions and actual results. Rely on us to create your workout plan, or check out our fitness articles for pieces of advice to stay on track. No matter your skill level, today is the day you get on track with your healthy lifestyle.

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Personalized Meetings

If you're in the St. Augustine, Florida, area, take advantage of our personalized meetings. You can personally discuss your questions or concerns with us, and we'll work with you to come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. Whether you'd prefer to work out in your own home with a few free weights, or you plan to become a regular gym rat, we'll make a plan for you. We'll tell you what gyms will work best, how much time you should spend on your routine, and help you establish healthy eating habits.

Athletic Apparel

Interested in working out in appropriate athletic apparel as opposed to a T-shirt and old sweats? When you want to look snazzy at the gym or you're not interested in wearing out your favorite tee, browse our workout gear recommendations. Check out our videos and articles to see what fitness gear we have to offer and take home some of your favorites. Choose your favorite workout attire from such trusted names as Sun Frog ® and Lucy®.

Fitness Articles

Everyone has a different "perfect workout" that works great for them, but that doesn't mean it's the right choice for you. With so many trendy new workouts and fad diets, it's hard to know what to buy into and what to avoid. Our articles offer a variety of topics from dealing with heart problems, anti-aging advice, and more. Learn how to create a healthy meal plan, or get more workout advice right from your fingertips as you explore our variety of articles.

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